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Opnex has over 20years experience in the product development and consulting industry, feeding government, communications, volume consumer and light industry markets with small to medium scale products. Depending on the requirement, Opnex may take on all or part of a development, or provide contract services alongside an existing team.


Whether it be to facilitate capturing your product requirements, produce feasibility prototypes to support a funding round, develop a product to volume manufacture or EMC troubleshooting, Opnex would like to help.  


Beyond the core RF Design experience, some examples of technology solutions Opnex have provided include:

  • Sensor backhaul over GPRS / 3G / 802.15.4 / Zigbee, bespoke UHF & 2.4GHz / Power-Line / Ethernet etc.
  • Very low noise sensor front-ends (sub nA in 10Hz Bw)
  • Very low power system architectures
  • Orientation, inertial and environmental sensors
  • AC/DC, DC/DC , 3phase power converters and energy monitors
  • Laser drivers & high speed optical receivers
  • NPI manufacture ramp-up phases, production test strategies and solutions. Inspection to IPC-A-610.

Edenprime Systems Ltd, is our key partner for embedded products; specialists in system architectures & security, algorithms, firmware & software development. 


Opnex believes that quality is built into a product from the start; through the ethos of the development team, the approach to project governance and early & regular engagement with stakeholders from all stages of the lifecycle. 


Quality in a product is not an accident, a quick test stage or label added at the end; IT'S THERE BY DESIGN..

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