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Sometimes radio signals are wanted; sometimes they're not... Opnex can bring RF expertise to the digital, analogue and product design domains to guide and de-risk EMC design early in the development, minimising costly late stage changes.


Even for slow speed single processor products, EMC remains part of the product requirement and should be given active consideration right from the start, if the chances of costly re-spins or last minute filtering additions are to be minimised.


EMC compliant products are DESIGNED, not just laid out.


Signal and sensor lines required for many products have to be considered as radio transmission lines and antennas, if signal integrity isn’t to suffer or large unwanted EMC emissions generated. Poor Board-to-board interconnect performance can easily lead to significant emissions or render the product highly susceptible to interference, something no user wants.


Through hands-on experience gained from designing and putting many products through approvals testing, Opnex is well placed to de-risk new designs or investigate and troubleshoot existing product designs exhibiting EMC problems.


Also, if you suspect the external environmental might be impacting your product, field investigations can be made with our portable spectrum analyser, alongside specialist interference and GPS logging software.

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