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Opnex provides electronic product design and project management services from concept through detailed design and implementation to transfer to manufacture, with a specialism for wireless enabled devices and a professional, quality driven approach to projects.


With experience from initial concept, through development, NPI to manufacture (both in the UK and off-shore) and commercial rollout, Opnex offers a broad perspective on product lifecycles, project and operations management.


Today’s products often involve multiple sensor and communication interfaces to the World around them, requiring a broad experience to take them through the critical early design phases and successfully to volume manufacture.

Opnex core expertise covers RF system & circuit design, analogue electronics & sensors, power supplies, design for manufacture & test, CE regulatory approvals and NPI manufacture processes.


Opnex is a small company who knows its strengths and limits, so to facilitate getting products successfully designed and into production, Opnex has developed long-standing relationships with selected partners to provide embedded firmware & software development, mechanical design and manufacturing facilities in the UK and off-shore.


We invite you to take a look at the following pages to find out more and do not hesitate to contact if you have a potential or existing product we may be able to assist with at any stage. Use of this website is subject to the Legal notice found here.

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