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RF design

With origins in radio system & circuit design, propagation modelling and bespoke antenna design, Opnex provides clients access to core RF expertise and equipment for wireless product development and investigations operating up to 9GHz.


Opnex expertise includes the following areas specific to wireless products:

  • Radio system requirements specification, architectural design and trade-offs
  • Prototype implementation
  • Detailed RF circuit design, implementation and optimisation, (all sections of complete Tx/Rx chains & PAs)
  • Bespoke antenna design for internal product and body borne deployments
  • EMC design and troubleshooting
  • RF test strategies for development and production
  • Product approvals testing and documentation
  • Operations management for field trials and deployment

Our RF test equipment includes a portable spectrum analyser to 9GHz and Vector Network Analyser to 6GHz, allowing laboratory grade measurements to be taken in the field. Beyond normal lab development use, this resource is ideal for de-risking early stage feasibility work with field trial verification or investigating on-site EMC issues.

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